Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Installing a "Brand X" T-Cushion Slipcover

1. Unfold the slipcover and locate the tag that says “back”. Stand behind your piece of furniture and loosely drape the slipcover over it, using the tag as a guideline.

2. Locate the two elastic loops on the underside seat area of your slipcover. Wrap the elastic loops around the back corners of the outer seat cushions. This will help secure your slipcover in place.

3. Determine the desired length of the front and back of the slipcover. Adjust the front and back length by accumulating all excelss fabric on the seat. Note: your slipcover is designed to fit a wide variety of furniture styles. As a result, there may be more fabric than you need.

4. Begin to customize the fit by centering the slipcover and aligning the slipcover arms to your furniture arms. Pull the slipcover snugly over the front ends and the top of the arms. Tuck loose fabric in the arm area of the slipcover at the bottom of the sofa arm. Then wrap and tuck the loose fabric on the lower portion of the slipcover under the outer edge of the t-cushion.

5. Tuck all excess fabric in the crevices of the furniture. Be sure to tuck between the arms and seat cushions, back and seat cushions, and between the arms and the back of the furniture. The tighter you tuck the excess fabric, the more fitted look you will achieve. (We recommend using the Loose-Fit tailoring set, which is sold separately, to secure your fabric in the crevices.

6. Center the slipcover skirt pleat with the middle of your furniture. Locate the straps on the slipcover skirt. Wrap the skirt tightly around the base of your furniture. Secure the straps in the back with the metal D-rings on the slipcover. Tighten the straps to create an attractive, finished look.

What about the wrinkles?

Your slipcover no doubt got a bit wrinkly while in its packaging. The wrinkles will disappear over time, once you have fitted the slipcover. If you have a steamer, run the steamer slowly over the slipcover after it is installed and smooth away the wrinkles.  A warm iron can be run over the slipcover to smooth out the wrinkles as well.

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